Idiot Corner

Idiot Reviews From Idiot People!

So I started the Idiot Corner because as I was reading some reviews from others, I kept coming across people that are completely retarded when it comes to movies and thought I should share some of the things they say with you. These are actual quotes from morons that have reviewed movies on other sites and gave their opinion. Enjoy!

Eagle Eye“It could have used a giant spider at the end”
Wow, a giant spider huh…I think you got this mixed up with Eight Legged Freaks.

I Am Legend – “This movie is similar to “I, Robot”
Did you even watch this movie? Apparently if a black man is in it, it’s the same…

Transformers“Imagine if some remade Romeo & Juilet, but made Juilet get pregnant & Romeo as a dead beat father.”
What the fuck are you talking about? Thanks to you, everyone is now a little dumber.

Hot Tub Time Machine“Horrible storyline. definitely not worth my time. I turned it off after 3 minutes!
3 Minutes huh?… Sooooo you got through the opening credits? That IS a terrible storyline…

SuperbadAbsolutely STUPID!!!!! Waste of AIR!!!!!
Did you watch this movie or inhale it?


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